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Alert Pest Control would like to introduce Bonnie, the newest member of our Bed bug team. Bonnie is our new bed bug inspector, she can detect live bed bugs of all stages including live viable eggs. Bonnie was trained in Florida at J & K Canine Academy as a scent detection dog (Bed Bugs) and earned her stripes by becoming certified through the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association or better known as NESDCA.

Bonnie and her handler, William Hunt, is our newest detection weapon on the war against Bed Bugs. The goal of our canine team is simple – find the bed bugs – that is what these two do best whether it is your house, apartment, hotel rooms, daycare, health care facility, luggage, or car, Bonnie will do what she does best that’s finding the scent of a bed bug.

Why is Bonnie so valuable to Alert Pest Control?

Bonnie and brother Speck

This is our new addition Bonnie, with her brother speck,
at the J & K Canine Academy in Florida.

The reason why Bonnie is so valuable is that she can detect bed bugs at rate of 95% accuracy where studies have shown that a trained human bed bug inspector is in and around the 25-30% range. This gives us the decisive edge when it comes to finding low level infestation around your home or business.

Areas Bonnie can detect bed bugs that you or I could not possibly see them are under carpeting, behind baseboards, inside walls and many other areas we could not possibly search. These are scientifically proven results please read bed bug scent detection canines ability to find and locate live bed bugs and viable eggs. Last but not least our canine team can help determine if there are bed bugs in your home or at least eliminate them out of the equation if one suspects bites are occurring to you or family members.

As well, Bonnie helps us the pest control operator determine the efficiency of our work by letting us know if the presences of live bed bugs or viable eggs are still in your home or business which better enables us to continue treatment if found or to stop chemical usage in your home if no bed bugs are present.

If you have any questions or would like to book please feel free to contact us at (416) 651-5599 and we will do our best to assist you with your problem or questions.





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